First month in our home!

Well we have been in our own home for a month today, and it’s been good but hectic

We have both been working long hours and driving long distances to get to work

It’s quite draining but hopefully will change in the near future when we can get work closer to home

We’ve also had dramas with cars and had to get finance for a new car which was a cost we didn’t factor in but that’s life I guess

Financially we are fine so we are very lucky and we can look forward to making some big changes in the near future

On the house front we haven’t really done anything except unpack most of our stuff

My mum is coming to stay this week and we might look at painting the kitchen cupboards and putting on the new handles so that will be nice

I’m also trying to get healthier along with my mum as she wants to lose weight also so we really need to get into that and I’ll get some before and afters so I can show u guys the process

Things are looking up but I also feel like everything is hitting at once, a little overwhelmed at what the future may hold I suppose

But over all we are extremely blessed and happy

That’s all for now

Seeya GAM

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