It’s been a week!

We have been in our new home a week already, it still feels weird

We organised to have some roller shutters installed in early September so that’s the first major change

We did have to pay out for an amplifier for our roof antenna so hubby can watch the football

It’s crazy how many smallish but needed things you have to pay out for when you buy your own home, the list gets longer everyday

But today it’s hubbys first day off so he has been busy doing gardening

He loves working in the garden so that’s good

The house is still a little crazy/not unpacked but not too bad

A lot of the stuff that’s not unpacked is decor and we aren’t quite ready to decorate as yet but soon

We are getting our wifi connected on Wednesday so I will endeavour to get some you tube videos up ASAP after that

Until next time…

Seeya GAM

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