The kitchen makeover has begun!

My mum is here giving me a much needed helping hand to makeover our kitchen

The before, we are not doing top cupboards as yet, because I may decide to go lighter with them

So first we took off all the doors and drawer fronts

Then we cleaned thoroughly and sanded lightly

Now time to paint, we decided to go with rustoleum gloss dark grey as it doesn’t need a primer, and it’s specifically for shiny surfaces

Then the fun begins…..painting, the weather has finally calmed enough today to do this

We have now down our 2nd coat on the above cabinets and did our first coat on the rest

And now we wait to do the 2nd coat

Then we will be leaving them to cure for up to a week before putting them back up

And in the meantime I need to figure out the best way to do the edges inside the house

Updates coming soon

Seeya GAM

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