Positive vibes ONLY!

This week our ONLY car died, and we only just paid the Insurance on it 2 days ago, however I’m not letting it get me down

I was quite scared yesterday of what we were going to do, we need vehicles to get to work but today I’m deciding to think of the positives

My mum lets me use her car whilst she isn’t in the state (she visits twice a year) so it’s basically for me to use for about 10 months a year, I’m very thankful for that as it means I can still get to my employment, only issue is that she is due to arrive here in 2 weeks and will need her car but she’s very flexible with my needs so I can’t complain.

We are very lucky that my hubbys brother is a miner Who works away from home and therefore he was able to lend us his car for the next 5 weeks so my hubby can get to his work.

So that means we have another 5 weeks to save more money and purchase another vehicle, yesterday it was looking like we would have to buy a car within 2 days but not now so I’m very relieved

I cancelled the car insurance today and they are kindly refunding me this months premium that I just paid.

We were lucky to have a small emergency fund in place but it’s not enough to buy a decent but cheap car so the extra saving time means we don’t have to rush and we can get something that will do the long drives

All I can think of is that we are so blessed really, just under 18 months ago we were struggling so hard we were both unemployed for some time, we were on food vouchers and struggling to pay our rent

And since then we have paid off over $23,000 in debt, bought that said car, bought our first home and managed to get a little bit of new furniture

I think that’s a damn good effort and I have to remind myself of that anytime something happens that’s not great

Hope you are all living your best life

Until next time….

Seeya GAM

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