2 weeks to go eeeeek!

The real countdown is on

Only 2 weeks to go until we are in our new home

Both of us are excited but nervous as it’s our first home, and we are not sure what to expect, a bit worried about costs of things that could go wrong or need fixing or renovating but overall we are happy we will have a place to finally call our own

I’m excited to get in and start unpacking some of the treasures I have been buying along the way, half of which I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten I even bought lol

Gonna have to do some hauls in you tube I think

Then excited to do at least a little bit of shopping for some basics we need like crockery and cutlery and kettle

And hopefully we can shop for some nice things too or some renovation stuff

As most first home owners we are not loaded with cash and able to go on a shopping spree but we are used to starting from the bottom and I know in time we will have exactly what we want and need

The only major thing we have purchased (layby currently) is dining chairs and these were only $49 each so not a splurge really but when your buying lots it adds up

I’d really like to be able to finally buy a new mattress, we have never had a new mattress and I myself have never ever had a new mattress in my life so that will be exciting and hopefully better sleep will come also, ideally I’d love an ecosa mattress as I’ve heard so many good things but I don’t think money will stretch that far as we have to keep a safety net just in case.

I am also looking forward to the first project I want to tackle which will be the kitchen, I’m just doing a basic makeover but I know the results will be amazing

So if you are excited to see my hauls and kitchen makeover head over to my you tube channel glitter and marble they will be posted up within 2 weeks of move in day

And I will have more updates coming soon

Seeya GAM

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