Moving Tips!

In preparation for our upcoming move in 4 weeks I thought I’d share some tried and true Moving Tips with you all, hopefully they will help you someday too. We are getting so excited to have our own space again but this time it’s actually OURS!

Tip 1: Start early, I started a few weeks ago packing any items I was sure we wouldn’t need in the next 2 months, these included things like decor, excess toiletries and bulk stock, out of season clothing and bedding etc, because we are currently living with a friend a lot of our general homewares are still packed from when we originally moved in here so that is saving us a lot of packing time.

Tip 2: Find free cardboard boxes, there are so many places that throw them out there is absolutely no need to buy them, I have however purchased some plastic tubs to use for breakables and seasonal decor as these will be permanently stored in our shed.

Tip 3: Don’t take all your clothes off the hangers, instead simply group them together and use garbage bags tied around them to keep them clean and transport in your car. Also use a large rubber band around the hanger tops to keep them together.

Tip 4: Pack a suitcase, just like you are going on holiday, pack a case for at least 1 week of essentials to get you through the moving process so you’re not stressed looking for work clothes or a toothbrush.

Tip 5: Before you move use up all the food in your house (therefore not needing to pack it and transport) by doing a massive cook up and make freezer meals so you can eat well instead of take out, save your wallet and your waistline.

Tip 6: Pack an essentials box of all the things you may need in the first day or two like cutlery and crockery, first aid kit (just in case), extension leads and chargers, batteries, torch, scissors and tape, pen and paper, cleaning supplies, washing liquid and pegs etc.

Tip 7: In the months leading up to the move, every time you receive any mail, start a list of what the mail is, by the time you are getting ready to move you will have a great list of places you need to change your address with, however this won’t always cover everything so it’s worth getting mail redirection for at least 3 months, I only managed to miss one when we moved here and that was a yearly letter and card I receive off an elderly family friend so if you can it’s worth keeping the redirect running through Christmas in case of that.

Tip 8: For breakable items save yourself the cost of bubble wrap and use any out of season clothing or bedding to cushion it all in the box.

Tip 9: Make sure your pets are locked in a room safely when you are packing the truck, we learnt this the hard way, thankfully we only moved about 2 mins drive away, but our cat decided she didn’t want to be left behind and when we got to the new house and opened the back of the truck, out she hopped to our surprise, we were just thankful she wasn’t seriously hurt by moving furniture.

Tip 10: Share the load, ask friends and family for help, I’m sure if they asked you, you would help so why not ask, you have nothing to lose, just make sure you offer your gratitude by way of a great meal and a few beverages or whatever you think is a suitable Thankyou.

BONUS TIP: Declutter BEFORE you move, it will save having to pack all that extra stuff you don’t need.

I hope these tips are helpful to you if you are also moving, let me know if you use any.

Seeya GAM

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