Budget friendly furniture and homewares shopping Perth WA!

I love shopping, but I seem to do a lot more of window shopping than anything lol, however I do have a few favourites that I always rely on if I’m looking to save myself some dollars.

I will go from cheapest to dearest (those sales though)

Firstly if your not afraid to get an amazing find but also not worried if people may look at you weird then the first place I suggest is Verge pickup, nowadays most people are used to other people grabbing the (trash) they put out on the verge so there isn’t such a stigma attached to it anymore, it’s almost expected after all one persons trash may be another persons treasure. So if your after a freebie then verge pick up is the way to go just make sure you check the item carefully just in case it may be broken or something, however if your keen for a diy then maybe it can be fixed if it’s just the item you have been looking for.

If your not keen on picking up stuff off the side of the road but still want a freebie then The following 3 online stops are the way to go…starting with Facebook marketplace, if you type in free you may find some gems, also there may be pages local to you that are only free stuff. After that try gumtree free or free cycle.

Next on the list is thrift stores/op shops (in Australia) and garage sales, you can find no end of great deals at these places for gently used items at a fraction of retail, I myself have found many amazing bargains, just keep checking back regularly as the stock turnover is constant.

Then I would try your classic $2 shop like red dot (WA only) and reject shop, cheap as chips (SA only) and there may be more. These stores are best for home decor, rugs and wall art and books plus genera home needs, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend their furniture but you never know, just make sure you check the quality first.

Back to Facebook and gumtree for pre loved items at usually about 30-70% off retail, again just be wary and make sure items are as described and always pick up items so if there are any issues you can simply not buy it on the spot.

Then to a few of my fave stores which are in most local shopping centres here in Australia.

Kmart is the first stop as they have really picked up their game regarding homewares and are giving other stores a real run for their money, you can almost furnish and decorate your whole home at Kmart, thinking about it you can buy almost anything at Kmart except general food and large furniture and the prices are hard to beat for brand new items, however you will notice that the quality may not always be top notch, so choose wisely.

Big W is really trying to get in on the homewares trade too but personally I think they are struggling a bit, you will probably only find a couple of good pieces there but they are well priced.

Target is by far my favourite for the high end feel of their furniture and homewares they definitely know what sells, their prices have gotten quite competitive with Kmart and big w too which is amazing but I just feel the quality is really stepped up from most lower end stores.

On to the not so budget friendly (depending on your budget of course) end of the scale, these stores however do usually have amazing sales most of the year and the quality is superb, don’t worry if you miss a sale because generally there will be another one just around the corner.

For furniture I believe fantastic furniture and Amart are both pretty good quality at great prices compared to high end stores

On the homewares side of things I would suggest Adair’s, Bed,bath and table. These both have gorgeous homewares and when Sales are on it’s amazing prices.

Then at the top end of my budget friendly stores sits Freedom and Early Settler, both these stores can and do have great sales not maybe as regular as other stores but when they do you can get yourself the bargain of the century, their products are impeccable quality and they have something to suit every home.

Well hope this helps you with some home shopping, good luck with the sales and let me know if you pick up any amazing bargains for your home.

Seeya GAM

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