Feeling depressed!

Sorry for the vent !!!!!

Well today I just feel defeated

We have had no news about house and I don’t feel pregnant

Yes it’s still early for pregnancy testing but I’m just not feeling anything

On top of that I’m a lot of pain with my foot mainly and I think it’s because I’m off my meds so feeling every possible pain

It’s a weird feeling as I know we are somewhat moving forward but because we are still up in the air with everything I also feel depressed and like nothing is happening

It’s just all so frustrating

I’ve taken the day off work mainly because of my foot but also I think I just need a mental health day and to spend the evening with my hubby

There are so many things I want to change or do but there is always something in my way

I really hope this feeling goes away very soon

Hopefully we get two lots of good news in the next few days

If it’s not all good then I really need to figure some stuff out and get my body and head sorted

Hope everyone else out there is having a better time than me

Seeya GAM

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  1. Good afternoon hunny bun. I really do hope your day gets better and you recieve tge good news you’re hoping for. I understand…. Have A Better Day hunny bun.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it, have a lovely day


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