Never ending saga!

I just received an email from our mortgage broker asking for more paperwork, yes I know, it’s crazy. I’m sure the lender really wants to know if we fold or scrunch our toilet paper lmao.

It’s understandable but extremely frustrating too.

Thankfully it’s not too much drama, just a bank statement, one income statement for me and a building inspection report so all in all not too much drama

It does add some extra time to finalisation if our finance which is our main goal at this stage as we have a set date sale which means we do not move until May 24th even though finance will/should be sorted well before then

It’s just like we are walking on egg shells until we dig the mortgage.

Anyway updates coming soon

If everything goes to plan this Christmas is going to be a huge one for us and I’m already sooooo excited!

Seeya GAM

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