Nothing standing in our way!

Finally we have nothing standing in our way of owning our first home and we are beyond ecstatic.

Our papers get put into our lender tomorrow and the formal finance should be through in a matter of weeks

Then we just wait til our May 24th move in day and start looking at purchasing or at least lay buying some furniture and homewares.

Until then we can get a start on packing, although most of our belongings are already partially packed, we have had to move stuff around and access some things so it’s in a bit of a shambles, but now we have a confirmed move date we can repack and organise and declutter

Who ever knew that packing and de cluttering could spark so much joy

There’s not really a lot to update on apart from that but once we get in the house there will be a tonne of content going on here and my you tube channel, I’m getting so excited.

So until then

Seeya GAM

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