We did it!

So, firstly, we didn’t get accepted for the house I mentioned, they weren’t willing to go any lower and we felt that it wasn’t worth what they were asking considering we would have to do a kitchen refit and the bathrooms soon also, so we made our offer but it was declined.

Anyway back to the drawing board we went. We had narrowed our search to 3 homes prior so we decided to put an offer in on the cheaper one without the pool.


So we are now homeowners technically, unless anything doesn’t pan out with our loan application, which we don’t see any issues but because we have dealt with so many we are not celebrating properly until finance is formally approved.

The home is a 3×1 with a second separate toilet, on over 1000m2 land with pre approval to subdivide later if we wish. It’s definitely dated but that is the best part, we get to renovate and take you guys along for the ride.

We have asked for a 90 day settlement so we can save as much as possible where we are living as the costs are much lower and that way we can renovate somewhat and buy some new furniture too which means we will be moving in May 25th.

We are very excited at the idea of owning our own home finally.

Look forward to many updates coming soon.

Seeya GAM

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