Made up our mind!

Today is the official day we chose not to go ahead with trying to build a home and buy one established instead.

It was a lot of back n forth and weighing up pros n cons that ultimately led to this decision.

At this stage in our journey it is a far better option for us to buy a cheaper established home and renovate as we go.

We can get more land and bigger rooms plus all the added extras like landscaping and possibly even things like Solar power, window shutters and maybe even a pool.

We are very happy with our decision and it means we should own our first home by end of April….yay

I’m actually looking forward to renovating it and making it our own.

This may be a slow process to start with depending on funds but who knows what the future may hold.

All I know is that even in this recent situation things are still looking up and heading in the right direction, I do believe everything happens for a reason so we are rolling with it.

More updates coming soon

Seeya GAM

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