Scullery/walk in pantry ideas!

Slowly starting to get excited about our home although the excitement is still laced with a bit of fear as we are still not confirmed for formal finance, unfortunately here in Australia there has been a big issue with banks and now it’s making it very hard to get finance, I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t have any issues. Anyways for now I’m looking to the future in our first home.

So, in order to save off our build cost we opted to not have any cabinetry put in our Scullery/walk in pantry, which I don’t mind as I really wanted to design my own space anyway, we purchased a tall pantry cabinet for only $50 and that is being used in the home we are sharing at the moment and will come with us when we move so we will still have immediate storage in the area.

Therefore we have a room that is approx 1.5×4.5 metres in space for our fridge/freezer and our scullery.

This should be more than enough for what I am planning as we still have all the cabinets in the kitchen itself for storage also.

I was originally planning on buying basic white melamine cabinets from Bunnings (Australia’s version of Lowe’s), however I have now decided that the IKEA billy bookcases would be a better choice and possibly cheaper also. I have decided to go for the ones that have doors on the bottom half (shown below) and I will get the extension pieces also to get the most of the height.

I love the look of the wallpaper in the back, I will probably do this to mine also although I may not do it everywhere.

I do want a section of bench too, so will use two of the half size bookshelves with doors for under the bench.

I’m even looking at maybe doing a fold down bench so they don’t have to be super dee taking up extra room but not quite sure on that yet.

I can’t wait to take you all on my journey to create my ultimate pantry.

Organising all the food items and other kitchen needs is going to be exciting too, wow I feel old now getting excited about organising lol, but I can’t wait to get all my clear containers lined up and labelled like below.

Images courtesy of Google (my best friend lol) soon the images you will see will be my own home, yay!

I look forward to doing this project later in the year along with many other home projects.

Seeya GAM

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