Starting my journey to pregnancy again

After trying twice with a donor last year with no success we decided to give it a break for a while and focus on other things

Since then I have lost 12kgs and cut my smoking down a lot, with plans to quit for good prior to trying to conceive again. We have also paid off all our consumer debt and started the process of building our first home.

Yesterday hubby and I were driving home and I decided to start the conversation (as I do) about trying again with our donor.

Our donor lives in the same State but it’s still a flight away as he lives in a rural area. So now that we have paid our debts and our house is in the process we have started saving to furnish the house and have some money in the bank to be able to pay for flights.

So with that said we have decided that I will go to see our donor in March (next month eeek) and try again and if it doesn’t work I will go again in May and see where that takes us.

Part of our conversation was the fact that it’s never going to be the right time to do anything, something always comes up, we decide to build a house or buy a car or buy furniture or other things we probably don’t need when in reality the only thing I really want in this life is to be a mother so 2019 is going to be my year no matter what.

Also people always say it’s so expensive to have a child but in reality it’s not, I’ve researched this for the last 18 years whilst trying to conceive and believe me I’ve read most books out there along with searching the Internet and YouTube and I know there is so much you DON’T NEED for a baby.

All babies really need are food in their bellies, a clean nappy, a roof over their head, clean clothes and most of all lots of LOVE.

Oh and I suppose they really do also need a bed, pram and car seat but other than that you can spend very little for a baby, although in my case as I’ve been ttc (trying to conceive) for so long I know I will want all the things, but I do have a lot of people around me that are eager for me to get pregnant also and will want to help and I have collected things over the years also.

Wish me luck and keep everything crossed for 2019 to be my year.

I will keep you updated with any results

Seeya GAM

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