YouTube Channel

Hi to all my loyal blog followers

I started a You Tube channel early last year for Glitter and Marble, however I haven’t posted a new video in 8 months as life has just gotten crazy, I do intend to start posting again very soon.

If you want to check out my old videos please click on the link or one of the pictures below, and please subscribe to keep up to date with any new videos I post, I have no subscribers as yet because I haven’t advertised it so you may be my first.

Also if you enjoy any of my videos I’d love if you can like and/or share them it would help me get more content out to more people. Thankyou

Disclaimer…I am new to this whole You Tube thing and these videos are raw and only basic editing but I’m working on it and the content is from the heart and true to myself which is what I’m all about.

Hope you enjoy watching some of my videos and I look forward to creating new videos for you all in the near future.

Seeya GAM

Glitter and Marble You Tube Channel

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