A big week but still waiting

It’s been a big week or few days really

Saturday my Mum flew back home to Adelaide, at least this time I didn’t cry, I think because I spent a lot more time with her this trip and she will be back in June when hopefully our house is close to being complete.

Then Sunday hubby and I had a date night at the BBL (big bash league) cricket, my first ever live game, we got offered tickets for a 1/4 of the price, at first I said no but I’m glad I changed my mind cause I had a lot of fun and realised you only get one life so experience as much as you can.

To Monday morning and I was preparing to have a steroid injection in my right heel as I’ve been getting severe pain for the last few months, as you know I took time off from work to try and let it heal but that part didn’t heal, I also had a damaged tendon on top of the same foot which did seem to fix itself in that time off but my heel was/is still agony, so lunchtime Monday I went in and got the needle and spent the day on bed rest.

Tuesday aka yesterday I spent most of the day on bed rest then hubby and I went to meet his brother and do some fishing, mind you all I did was sit and watch lol but it was still good to get out then as it was a late night we ended up enjoying some local fish and chips for dinner. Hubby caught a starfish but we released it after getting a pic of course.

On to today and I’m back to work at 1pm, I have started putting pressure on my foot this morning and it’s very sore, I’m doing an 8 hour shift so will definitely need some pain meds before the end of the day, the doctor said it could take up to two weeks for the injection to work properly, I hope it happens quicker than that.

And finally a house update….we received our fhog (first home owners grant) paperwork to sign that said we had been pre approved for it, however they made a spelling mistake on our street name so we have sent that in to be corrected and our mortgage broker said they are just waiting on the final ok from keystart so hopefully by Friday we will have our green light, only taken 3 months since we started paperwork (insert sarcastic voice here).

Also our pre start lady contacted us to ask what colour we wanted our stone benchtops, which was a shock as we thought that we had to have them changed to basic laminate to cut costs but apparently not, so we decided on a colour of essastone called “Terrazzino” as shown below on the back wall, it has black and grey specks through it.

Well that’s all for now

Seeya GAM

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