Bargain of the day

Mum and I went browsing the homeward stores again…as we do lol and came across this awesome velvet feel ottoman in Adair’s (middle row far right) it was only $50 which is a pretty good deal but I decided to leave it…and I’m guessing there was a good reason for my choice…I was right

On our way home we stopped by target as I had some credit on a refund card and decided I wanted to get a quilt cover set, whilst browsing the store I came across the below velvet ottoman, unfortunately there was only one, I went to get a price check as I seem to remember when looking online they were either $29 or $49 so wanted to double check and to my delight it came up as $15, yes you are coming home with me lol. On our way to the checkout I decided to walk along where the clearance items were and low and behold what do I find looking lonely in a trolley no one was using, yes a matching ottoman, boy was it my lucky day.

The best part is I’ve realised that I can make interchangeable slip covers for them using only 1 metre of fabric per stool so I can change up my style several times throughout the year, which means for summer I can have that tropical look I wanted (as above)

I’m over the moon about this purchase and it only cost me $6 cash as I had the rest on my refund card, winner winner

Seeya GAM

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