Back to work

Well after 2 weeks annual leave I’m back to work today and I have to say I’m not looking forward to it, whilst I’m excited to see all my work mates I’m not excited for the actual work and some of our not so nice customers. Plus the fact my health is not 100%.

The main reason I took leave was to give my foot a chance to heal as I damaged it however it hasn’t healed at all so I know that will give me lots of pain, and my back has not been playing nice lately either, makes me realise how much I want this blog to work and hopefully bring me an income in the future.

Also when I become pregnant my main goal was to be a work at home mum so I really need to knuckle down and make this my reality.

If there is anything you guys want to see on my blog please comment and let me know as I want to make content for your liking.

As you can see I like to show the real side of things in life, I don’t like sugar coating things, I don’t see the point in that. I like to be relatable to everyone out there that doesn’t have the perfect life and I think you like that too.

I’m very interested to hear your comments and see what content I can put together for you.

Seeya GAM

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I like reading your blog I would just kind of like to see more pictures?


    1. Thankyou for your comment, I thought that might be the case will do more posts with pics. Have a great day


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