Changing my mind on furnishings

Mum and I went shopping again however I only bought one thing lol, more so window shopping and rethinking my original ideas.

The item I bought was from Spotlight and it’s a gorgeous soft woven basket, I plan on using it in our guest bathroom with rolled white towels in it. It only cost me $12.74 as it was on clearance, they come in 3 sizes and this was the smallest as they were a lot larger than I thought.

The main reason I was at spotlight was to check out there curtains that were on clearance, only $15 each, massive bargain. I am able to curtain the entire house for under $250, I am getting silver as the main curtains and then a patterned curtain to match that I will be adding as a strip near the bottom to make the curtains longer as I want them almost floor to ceiling, thankfully I can do straight sewing lol. These are the two types below. I’m loving them and what a bargain, curtaining can be as much as a third of your overall furnishing budget.

Also we went into carpet call, which is where we picked our flooring out in June 2018, I had to go back in because I lost all my photos when I dropped my phone a few weeks back and I’d forgotten what it looked like, so I have added a pic below of our main flooring and our carpet. I love the combo.

We also went into Amart as I’d seen a couch in their catalogue that looked nice and was a great price ($1300 less than the couch I originally wanted) I like this couch as it feels more light and airy and I think the corner lounge felt very heavy and I don’t want the space to look to heavy. This couch is very versatile and it will allow me to add two armchairs also, all for less then the original cost, so I am very happy with that, and most importantly it is so comfy and long enough for my 6ft hubby to lay on if he wants.

So all in all it was a productive day and I’m very happy with the results.

An update on the house front, I am waiting for our pre start lady to get the paperwork back to me with quotes for the few changes we made so we can sign off on it and Keystart can give us the formal approval, I’ve been told to expect it today however it’s almost 1:30pm and I’ve got nothing yet so I’m not holding out hope, if it gets sorted we should have the formal approval by Friday.

Please keep everything crossed for us.

Seeya GAM

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  1. Deb says:

    Love your choices. Is the carpet black? Do you have the names of these please.


    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, the carpet is a dark grey called “bora bora” (which is probably why I chose it, as that’s my ultimate destination) and the vinyl is called “fabrik white” both from Carpet Call


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