Meeting my adopted uncle for the very first time

So today was a huge day

I met my uncle and Aunty for the first time in my 35 years

My uncle was adopted out as a baby more than 63 years ago, unfortunately this was done without my grandmothers knowledge, I won’t be going into detail about this as it is a very private matter and it is not my right to say anything apart from the above.

Anyway it was a great meeting, they are a lovely couple and I hope we can have a relationship in the future as we will be moving closer to them.

They built their home a few years ago and it’s almost exactly what we are wanting for our house.

Their backyard is about the same size ours will be and they have a gorgeous pool and tropical gardens. It gave me a great view into what we could have in the future.

Obviously a pool is not in our near future unless we win lotto as the minimum cost is approx $30,000 but a girl can dream.

My uncle is having health issues as is his wife so I’d really like to make sure we can have a relationship and get to know them better as we are all on a time limit in life, and I want to surround myself with good people like them.

My Nanna was like a kid in a candy shop whilst we were there as she hasn’t seen him in about 10 years also so all in all it was a fantastic day and I hope we have many more of them.

Seeya GAM

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