Meet our Fur Baby

Introducing Willow, she is a long haired ginger domestic cat and she is our everything

She’s a sweet little thing but can be fiesty with attitude sometimes, let’s be honest, most of the time. She even scares the big bull mastiff dog my friend has.

As you can see she doesn’t like the hot weather and can usually be found laying around somewhere in the cool, she especially loves hogging the fan lol. And funnily enough she loves water, she has no issues walking into the shower whilst we are in there or walking under sprinklers and she prefers water to be on the floor than in her water bowl, she’s a bit of a strange one.

Her birthday is February 11th 2015 so she is almost 4 and still acts like a kitten most of the time but we love her more than she knows, mind you she does get spoilt so maybe she does know, well she has us wrapped around her little paws anyway lol.

Aged 6 weeks old, such a cutie.

Hope you enjoyed my little get to know my cat post, you will be sure to see more of her in the future.

What pets do you have? We’d love to know, please comment below

Seeya GAM

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