Last time seeing our sales guy

So we just finished a meeting with our sales guy to make sure we still get everything we want in our new home and it’s all been finalised now we just need to make a few colour changes and we are done finally.

At this stage we should have formal finance approval by end of January then settlement and slab down by mid March.

They say it takes 4.5-6 months to build so that means we may be in the house as early as end of July or if anything gets extended it will be mid September, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and we can get in end of July.

Can’t wait to finally start the building process and see things moving along, I’m sure time will fly from now.

Please come along on our journey and if you have been on the same journey or are currently on it we’d love to hear from you and your experience with it all.

Seeya GAM

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