Stress not over yet

So we may have got our conditional pre approval but the stress is far from over. We now have to bring the cost of our package down which means removing air conditioning and alarm system plus a few other things, thankfully we should be able to save for these whilst we are building and get a more basic air con put in prior to move in day so we can be comfortable in our new home but it’s definitely a hassle and one id like to avoid in the future, we will have our formal approval within the next two weeks, so here goes another type of two week wait I’m not used to and stress levels are at an all time high, thankfully I have lots of leave built up at work and have been able to take the next two weeks off so I can try and keep the stress low, todays task…figure out what else we can remove from our already no frills build and get the price down so we do get through valuation and get even more paperwork to our broker grrrrrr. For now I’m going to enjoy my cuppa and do some tidying up before I get into it, updates coming soon.

Seeya GAM

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