Still in the Dark

So it’s now 30th December and we are yet to find out if we have had our finance approved, they have until the 3rd to give us an answer, I’m just eager to hear it either way. We have decided that if need be we will save for a further 6 months and buy an established home if we don’t get approved to build, so we have been looking at real estate in the area we want to live just to get an idea on prices etc but not getting too involved in it all just yet. In regards to Christmas it was a pretty quiet one, we spent Christmas Day at my mother in laws house in the country and then Boxing Day at my grandparents house, we got spoilt with gifts, however only 3 days earlier I stupidly dropped my phone in the toilet, the fact that it was the third time I’ve done it with 2 phones was just a big annoyance and I felt very stupid but stuff happens I guess, I just got a new one yesterday so making my first post in a while as I find it so much easier on the phone and believe me the phone will never be near any water again lol. Tomorrow I’m doing a 10 hour day due to New Year’s Eve so not looking forward to that but it’s good for the money as my hubby has had 2 weeks off unpaid which makes it harder but thankfully all our consumer debt was finally paid off only 1 week before Christmas yay, a total of $23,000 a pretty good effort in only 7 short months. Next post will hopefully be letting you know that finance was approved, fingers crossed. Please let us know how your Christmas was wherever you may be!

Seeya GAM

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