Jumping through hoops

We have jumped through more hoops than in a hula hoop factory to try and get this pre approval for our build and we are still jumping.

So they didn’t pre approve the loan and we have 9 days to get more paperwork to them otherwise they will cancel application and we can’t reapply with them for 12 months.

We are so stressed out, we have been working our arses off to get it done and we have done amazing but clearly it’s still not enough.

Home life is stressful as is work, my health has been low recently also so this is just a cherry on the top and of course it’s all happening less than a week before Xmas.

I had this grand plan of doing lots of Xmas posts on my blog but unfortunately that’s not going to happen this year.

We will keep you updated and hopefully before the years end we will have some good news.

Seeya GAM

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