House papers…what a nightmare

Well we started on the 9th November now it’s the 30th and we have just sent in the final papers for our ore approval. What a headache this has been, I really hope that it doesn’t continue like this, it’s very draining and stressful to say the least, but once we get our foot in the realestate market it should be much easier next time around if we decide to buy or build again.

I will put up my ultimate tips for buying or building your first home soon, so you don’t have to go through the frustration we have had.

Sorry for not getting more posts out there but as above it’s been highly stressful and we have also been working our little butts off to get this debt paid.

I look forward to doing some Christmas posts very soon, only 25 days to go Yippeee, my favourite time of the year by far, somehow I always manage to make it stressful though lol

Seeya GAM

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