Calming down

So I have had a chance to process all the information I received about the house and talked to some friends also, this is the only way we can get our foot in the door (pun intended) to the real estate market however we should be able to refinance pretty soon after moving in which will reduce our weekly mortgage costs.

However this means we may not be able to splurge on our furnishings as much as I’d hoped in the beginning which really sucks but that’s life I suppose, maybe I can get some furniture sponsors for my blog (lol)

Anyway it’s still looking good at this stage I just have some more paperwork to get back to the broker this afternoon then they can do the application

So wish me luck and cross everything that it all goes smoothly

Hope you are all having a great day and I can’t wait to start getting into the Christmas posts, it’s creeping up really quickly

Seeya GAM

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