Stressing about the house

I’m freaking out, honestly this is the scariest thing I’ve done in my life by far.

We got the details for our mortgage today, no wonder the younger generation have no chance in owning a home, we have gone for a modest house on a smallish block, yet our mortgage is still going to be almost 400k, which means our repayments are a crazy $565 per week.

Yes we can afford that but then you have everything else on top, rates, insurances, bills, regular life expenses, maintenance, new furniture and more.

It’s all getting very stressful and to make it worse, because we have to go through one certain lender they charge 5.34% interest, it’s crazy

I’m seriously considering opting out of this whole scenario and saving our dollars fast and buying an old cheap place.

I’m so lost atm as to what to do now

What happens if our circumstances change in the future, I don’t want this much stress all the time trying to figure out how to pay our mortgage

And we don’t even have kids yet, that will make it twice as hard

Sorry guys had to vent, if you have any wisdom or tips please let me know

Seeya GAM

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