House paperwork

Wow so much paperwork required when buying or building a house

The other day I had to put together the huge list of papers for our mortgage broker, that was hard work

We’ve done everything asked of us so it should be smooth sailing but there’s always that doubt in your mind, will they approve the application

It’s very stressful to say the least, hubby has been watching me come up with decor designs etc and been always saying don’t get too excited yet until we have the definitive answer, but it’s hard to not be excited also.

I understand his worry and we will both be ecstatic when it finally gets approved, we should know in the next two weeks

This is almost as hard as the two week wait for a positive pregnancy test lol

We will definitely keep you updated

But if all else fails and something goes wrong with the approval, we know we are now in a much better financial position to buy a home in the near future and that will still be our goal

For now I’m continuing to dream about what our home could look like

Seeya GAM

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