Update on my Kmart Faves

So I decided to go to Kmart today and pick up a couple of my faves, mainly the marble tables as I just know that when I want them there will be none in stock so I’d rather get them now and ensure I have them.

I bought 2 tables but thought before I store them for 6 months I better open and check them and I’m glad I did as one had a huge chip in the marble, so I had to go back and return it, but the other one is gorgeous, very happy, although the marble doesn’t have a lot of black veining in it, more brownish colour and sparkly bits but still love it.

The other item I purchased was the “mirror tray” as shown in my first pic of trays in the last Kmart post, I opened it to check that the mirror wasn’t broken, when I first opened it (but before I took the plastic off) I was impressed by the size, however the colour was not right, it’s more copper than gold, then when I took off the plastic I noticed the mirror was warped and when I checked closely found it to just be a piece of reflective tin, not mirror at all, although it does reflect like a mirror but not glass. So all in all I wasn’t impressed with it, I know it’s only $12 but I’d rather pay a little more and get a nice actual mirrored tray. That said, if you like copper, it could be quite nice on top of a coffee table styled with home decor. So not all bad but just not advertised properly.

Unfortunately I went to a different store to return the items and they didn’t have any of the marble tables so I will have to go look at another store for my 2nd marble table, and this time I will Be opening the box and checking whilst I’m in store.

Seeya GAM

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