October Kmart Faves!

I love Kmart there’s no denying it, they have a great range of affordable homewares that are just gorgeous…some may need slight hacks to make them even more stunning but overall it’s great value, here’s my Faves for October 2018.

1: twin glass dispenser, I have a few of these on the list in different designs, I’m planning on using them in my laundry for detergent and softener but I’m not sure which one I want as yet so I’ve added them all, this one is $19 and I would spray paint the black and silver to gold.

2: smoky bronze glass canisters for my kitchen/pantry, large is $5 and small is $3.50

3: glass apothecary jars for my kitchen/laundry/pantry, single is $8, set of 3 $15

4: decorative starburst with stone $5, berry candle holder (I would spray base gold) $5, or pink if it’s your colour also $5

5: more drink dispensers, I think the first one is my current fave simply because it’s already gold which is what I want, it is $15, the second one if your looking for a natural look is $15 too

6: pet food station, this is both stylish and practical for my cat $15

7: gold and glass charger plate, great for Xmas or any dinner party really, only $5

8: serving or display trays and carafe, both just as gorgeous, although again I would spray the black to gold, first one is $12, second is $15, carafe only $6

9: furniture galore, I am struggling to find bar stools I like so I had a thought, I might try and hack these and make two chairs into one by buying one of each and then putting the blue velvet top onto the bar stool legs and painting them gold, not sure if it will work but if it does I will have some gorgeous unique bar stools for $80 each which is great, the blue velvet chairs are $45 and the bar stools are $35, also I may still use the chair legs if I can find some good second hand seats with crappy legs and recover them, who knows just a thought at this stage, also the marble table is gorgeous but again I would spray gold, can you tell I love gold lol, this is $29, such a great deal for real marble


10: metallic glassware for my bar cart yes please, only $10 a set

11: last but not least this cute North Pole wooden box, the great thing about this is it is blank on the opposite side which means when it’s not Xmas you can just turn it around and still use as decor, it’s only $12 and quite large, would make a great gift basket or store your Xmas cushions and throws beside the couch.

So that’s it for my October Kmart Faves, let me know which ones you love too or any other Kmart items you adore, and tell me what you think of my hack ideas

Seeya GAM

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