Ultimate Life Goals!

As most people I have goals for my Life that I am striving to reach, some are short term goals some are lifetime goals, both are important and both can be achieved with Will Power and perserverance, so I’ve decided to tell you more about my Ultimate Life Goals

1: Have at least 1 child

2: Be slim but still curvy

3: Be Healthy and Pain Free

4: Own my own dream home

5: Have regular family gatherings

6: Travel to Bora Bora and stay at least 1 night

7: Be financially free and abundant, have multiple income streams

8: Own a nice car, GT Mustang is my current fave.

9: Be a stay at home mum

10: Work from home, however I can

11: Have a beautifully decorated home

12: Have a few pets

13: Be able to help others however I can

14: Love myself

15: Have a nice wardrobe with stylish clothing and accessories

So this is where I want to end up, if this happens sooner rather than later then all the better. I make smaller goals along the way to get to where I ultimately want to be as I find it easier.

I’d love to hear your ultimate life goals

Seeya GAM

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