Creating a Child Friendly Guest Room!

If you saw my last post about Creating the ultimate Guest Room you will see that I mentioned if you are having Children there also you will need to provide other items, I will list these below, you don’t have to provide all of this but I believe if you can offer as much as possible and you are doing it on Air BnB you will create a 5 star experience for people and keep them coming back or at least telling everyone they know, so here goes…

1: A porta cot

2: Bedding for porta cot

3: A few stuffed toys

4: A few basic toys that will serve from baby-young child

5: Kids Books

6: Colouring Books and Pencils

7: Playdoh and a cookie sheet and cutters for them to play it on

8: Baby Basics (a few nappies, baby wash, wipes, maybe even a pacifier)

9: Kids toothbrush and paste

10: Kids DVD’s

11: Soft glowing nightlight, won’t keep parents up, but will keep child happy

12: Kid friendly drinks and snacks, think pop tops, LCM’s, popcorn

images (3)

I think that covers most things, now some of this is things that will stay at the house but there are some things I would charge for if needed, I would put a separate list along with the original bar list with prices for all the items, but state that the cost will only be incurred if an item is damaged for example they break a toy. Things like dummies I would charge for along with any snacks (not inc water).

One rule with charging for items, Do Not Overcharge, people usually know approx what things cost, by all means charge slightly higher than your cost (as you did all the work) but keep it to a minimum. People aren’t going to pay $5 for a can of coke they know they can go and buy at the local deli for $2, if you buy some things in bulk you can generally charge the same as local shops and have the profit go into your pocket.

Also if you are doing Air BnB, I would ask for a deposit/bond upfront, this will be for any breakages/damage and items they want to buy. State this in the booklet where the rules are along with on the website as well of course.

Obviously if this is your own guests then some of this wouldn’t apply, but the list is still a good start.

Also depending on what you are charging per night will depend on how much of this you do, that is the same for the last post, people will pay for convenience, make sure you mention all these add ons in your Air BnB Advertisement to entice the people in.

Seeya GAM

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