How To Create the Ultimate Guest Room!

We are thinking ahead to our 2 spare rooms in our new home, my Idea is to make them both into Guest Rooms (sort of) and use for Air BnB to help pay our Mortgage at least for a little while until (hopefully) we have a baby. We are lucky because our 2 spare rooms are right down the front of the house along with our main bathroom and toilet so we can have it segregated from the rest of the home and allow them to access it whenever they need and not disturb our living. So in order to do this I have come up with a list of essentials for both rooms which would satisfy any potential guest and give you a 5 star rating, also if you are not looking at doing Air BnB it will still make an amazing experience for your guests.

Main Bedroom

1: Stylish Queen Bed with comfortable Mattress

2: Bedside Tables x 2 with at least 1 drawer

3: Bedside Lamps

4: If you have hard floors then a nice plush rug under foot for each side, you can still do this if your carpets are not very plush

5: Charging station with several compatible cords for iphone and android

6: Nice Frame with printed Wifi Details

7: Fresh Flowers

8: Scented Candles and Matches/Lighter

9: Welcome Book, includes any rules of the house, brochures from local eateries and things to do in the area, also local transport guide, taxi phone numbers etc

10: Extra Pillows and Blankets along with comfortable unisex bedding

11: A tray of complimentary items, may include Water Bottles, Mints, Tea, coffee, Sugar and UHT milk along with a pen and notepad.

12: Bath Mat, Towels, face washers, small toiletries inc Toothbrush and toothpaste, and toilet paper.

13: Bubble Bath/Bath Bombs

14: Slippers and/or robes

15: A bottle of bubbly/wine, 2 glasses and a corkscrew if needed.

16: Iron and ironing board

17: Coat hangers

18: Beach kit (if u are near beach) inc towels, shade, kids plastic bucket etc

19: Jar of samples (skincare etc)

20: Clothes airer

21: Don’t forget a guest book, it’s a great momento of your house guests plus it makes for great reading and testimonials for your future guests

Second Room (aka Lounge area)

1: Lounge (that can double as a bed)

2: Desk and Chair

3: Desk Lamp, charging station, notepad and pen

4: TV

5: Buffet unit with Coffee Machine/Kettle, Toaster and microwave, don’t forget 2 mugs, 2 spoons and 2 small plates, 1 butter knife

6: Bar Fridge (you can stock this with a few alcoholic beverages and soda, aswell as some choc bars) (Don’t forget to put a price list for these if you are doing Air BnB) also milk.

7:  A tray with Water and Snacks (on the price list, don’t charge for water) or you can put a filter jug of water in fridge.

8: Magazines, suitable for men and women. Also maybe a crossword book or sudoku, possibly games like uno and a deck of playing cards

9: If you will be having children staying then there are a few things I would add, I will write these in a separate post. Click here to view that post.

10: And lastly, an umbrella is a great idea as most people don’t pack umbrellas and they can be a lifesaver.

Obviously this list is going above and beyond, but if you are doing it for a good rating then you are sure to get it and have a good income flowing, this can all be done on a low budget too, the one thing I would spend money on would be the Mattress and Basic Bedding, if guests can have an amazing relaxed sleep they won’t care what else is going on around them.

One last thing….you can add even more to the experience by offering services such as Laundry (wash, dry, fold, iron), breakfast and private tour guide to name a few, charge accordingly for these but provide free information as much as possible ie: the location of closest Laundromat, Breakfast Restaurants, Tour Services so the guests have a choice.

If you have any more ideas, or if I have left something out, please comment below.

Seeya GAM

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