Where to Splurge or Save when Furnishing your new Home!

As you know we are building a new house (our first) so I’ve been writing lists and researching all about furnishing our home and I thought I’d share with you all.

As first home owners we really want to have nice new furniture throughout but that’s not in every ones budget, we have got a savings plan running that will ensure we can do this mostly, so if you want that also I suggest you scrimp and save whilst building so you too can enjoy new furniture and decor. Although we won’t have a whole house filled with new furniture, it’s a long term process that may take 5 years to finish but the basics will be there. As a bargain shopper I will find it hard to spend lots of money even on those staple items.

This said, we will be spending more money on some things than others

The following items we consider to be staple items that we will have for at least 10 years therefore we will be spending more on these to ensure we get good quality long lasting items

1: Formal Lounge

2: Theater Lounge

3: Dining Table and Chairs

4: Master Bed and Mattress

5: Bedside Tables

6: Outdoor Setting

7: Lounge Rug

8: Bar Stools (these will get a lot of use, so we need them to be good quality)

9: Basic Bedding inc Sheets, Pillows and Quilts.

Other items we will be buying but not spending a lot on as they are either technology (that dates quickly) or trendy items, that can change with the seasons.

1: Decor, which covers a lot including cushions, throws, faux plants/flowers, art work etc

2: TV’s

3: Guest Bed (not that it’s trendy, more so that it won’t get used a lot, so no point putting a lot of cash into it)

4: Guest Bedsides (same reason as above)

5: Some Bedding and Linen

6: Organisation and Storage Items

7: Kitchen Basics like canisters, Kettle, Crockery and Cutlery

My dream has been for a long time to be able to buy some home furnishings from Pottery Barn and/or West Elm as these 2 stores have such gorgeous high end items, however my budget would never allow, so I’ve come up with a solution. Buy pre loved for these, as long as it’s still in great condition and the style I want then why not get an item from Gumtree or FB Marketplace for a fraction of the cost, I’ve currently got saved searches for these so if anything amazing comes up I can grab it with both hands, maybe I just might get a gorgeous Sofa or Coffee Table, who knows. I’ll keep you informed.

Saying that, I would keep a good eye on these places before buying anything new in store as you just never know what people no longer want that may be perfect for your home and save you money in the process.

I love Kmart in Australia for many things but you have to be careful because it can get to the stage where someone walks through your home and says “oh, she shops at Kmart” you don’t want that, so buy sparingly from there, don’t go and get every home decor item they have, no matter how nice it is, I will be buying things from there mainly that people won’t see as such like Storage and Organisation products, Canisters, Bathroom Products and 1 or 2 cushions and decor items that I ill be mixing with items from other stores to break it up a bit.

Another good option is to do a Kmart Hack, similar to Ikea Hacks, where you buy a Kmart Item and make it your own with a little DIY. No one will know it was a cheap Kmart Item once it’s styled in your home.

Look forward to hearing any ideas you may have too.

Seeya GAM

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