Spending Money before we even move in!

There are some things in our new build that we have to spend money on before we can even move in or as soon as we move in, some of these costs are due to trying to keep our mortgage down and some are because it’s far cheaper to do ourselves. These are finishing touches to the house and I will also add in things we would like to do but are not necessarily a must, hopefully this will help you think of things you may not have been aware of if you are also building.

1: A side gate

2: Letterbox

3: House Number

4: Back Yard Landscaping and Reticulation

5: Solar Panels

6: Window Shutters (for security)(will also save on insurance costs)

7: Scullery Cabinetry

8: LED downlights throughout

9: Double doors to Theatre

10: Pendant Lights above Kitchen Island (we have already bought these and are very happy)

51qUQ5tQeYL._SL1000_ Glass Fireworks Pendant Light AMAZON

11: Sliding Doors for Linen Closet

12: Cat door

13: Paint, as the builders do not paint the house interior walls due to movement in the first 6-12 months.

14: Clothes Line

15: Floor Protectors for Furniture

16: Garden Hoses

17: Oil Trays

18: Dishwasher

19: Curtains, we have blinds but would like to have Drapes

20: Water Filter

These are just 20 of the main things needed to be able to function efficiently and economically for us, as you can see some are WANTS (eg: dishwasher) but we would like to get these taken care of ASAP, as well as the basic furniture and home needs.

If you have any ideas that I haven’t yet thought of please comment below.

Seeya GAM

*Please note: Post contains affiliate links

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