How to turn your Clutter into Cash!

Now I’ve told you what you can and should sell, and when and where. I will help you with the HOW!

If you want to get the best possible price and quickest Sale these tips should help

Tip 1:

Take a great photo

Natural light is your best friend. Preferable take a photo outside but if you can’t make sure there is plenty of natural light and there aren’t ugly shadows on your pic, also please don’t make the mistake of taking a photo of something that is reflective and everyone getting a good look at your PJ’s or worse “your birthday suit” believe me it’s happened, in this instance I tend to take photos from an angle (side on). Make sure you are getting the best angle for the item you are selling and several angles if needed. If an item (like clothing) is different on the back then make sure you get a photo of the detail.

Tip 2:

Price your item to Sell

If you try and charge too much for an item it simply won’t sell, usually I set my items at 50% of the retail value, this will depend on a lot of things, if the item is Brand New with Tags/Packaging you may get a little more, if the item is broken you will get less. Also if I’m going through stuff and I think I might just donate this I will first try and sell at a really low price because $5 in my pocket is better than nothing. On Ebay this is different as its an Auction Process, I always start the item at the lowest price I’m willing to take for it, don’t put an item at 99c start and then be angry when it sells for 99c. If you want to sell super fast then I suggest you price it low.

Tip 3:

Be Honest

If your item has any flaws make sure to tell the possible buyer, give good detail about this, if they don’t read the Ad properly well that’s when they learn a valuable lesson, at least you know you have been honest. Take photos of all of the flaws.

Tip 4:

Clearly State your Rules

If you need the item to be picked up in a certain time frame, You may want to meet in a public area, you may need it picked up within certain hours, this also includes if the price is FIRM or NEGOTIABLE. Be firm but polite with your wording. No refunds come under this, I have only ever once done a refund and that was because silly me hadn’t tested the item and it did not work so I happily offered a refund for the return of the item.

Tip 4:

Clear Description

Make sure your description is written professionally, therefore no spelling mistakes, no slang words or abbreviations, this is not a Facebook Post. Get the buyer to fall in love, use words/statements that will make the buyer feel that they NEED this item NOW, things like “this hair dryer will save you a tonne of time in the mornings so you can sit down and enjoy your coffee instead” or “this sleep machine will get rid of those sleepless nights with your newborn”, “this bathing suit will flatter our figure and make all your friends envious” anything that will make the buyers life better will work a treat as long as it’s true.

Tip 5:

Accurate and detailed description

Make sure you point out all the positive and negative aspects of the item, I suggest to leave the negatives to the bottom as people will read the positives and already want the item by that stage. If you are selling an item that requires Dimensions like furniture make sure you put those in. Likewise if it can be disassembled mention that too. Also try and think of all the possible questions someone could ask about the item or pick up/postage and try to answer them before they ask. Don’t forget to add sizes etc to the details, you would be surprised how many people don’t do that. I usually like to put that basic detail in the Header so as to not waste people’s time as a buyer I appreciate that.

Tip 6:

Test all items that need to be tested

If you are selling electronics, appliances etc make sure they are all in working order, as I stated above I didn’t do this one time and it came back to bite me, this can also cause you to lose customers. If the item isn’t working/broken just make sure you inform people, ideally in the Header, you would be surprised what people will buy.

Tip 7:

Have one place to store your items whilst trying to sell.

I recently moved and still had Ads on Facebook, when I got to the new place I had an inquiry on one of my items and without checking I said sure you can come buy it, as soon as I finished sending the message I went to go get the item out so it was ready and do you think I could find it, I searched everywhere but no go, with my tail between my legs I had to go and tell the buyer that they couldn’t have it as I didn’t know where it was, very unprofessional to say the least, anyhow I did end up finding it a week later but that buyer was no longer interested, Thankfully for me I ended up selling it a month later for more than I asked for in the first place, but that’s not always the case. So if you list an item make sure it is in one place and you know exactly where that is.

Good Luck with your Selling and Let me know how you go, if you have any other tips please comment below.

Seeya GAM

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