20 items you can get rid of RIGHT NOW!

After telling you all about my good fortune in just 15 minutes sitting in my PJ’s, I thought maybe some of you may find it difficult to look around the house and figure out what you don’t want or need and be able to sell it to make yourself some spare cash too, so I have come up with a list of 20 items that you can get rid of Right Now!

3 hard and fast rules to selling at a good price and quickly

1: Take a great photo

2: Price to sell

3: Be Honest

*I will do a future blog post explaining in more detail but for now that should help you make the most out of your selling.

A few tricks to know what can go –

-If you haven’t used it in 6 months (unless its seasonal)

-Seasonal items you didn’t use last season

-Simply Don’t like it

-Doesn’t work/broken

-Outgrown it/wrong size

There are probably more reasons but this should help you get started.

I have also stated when the best time to sell is, this indicates when you are most likely to make a good profit however anything can be sold at any time.

Item 1: Clothing/shoes (List for the season, no point trying to sell a bathing suit in the middle of winter)

Item 2: Old technology inc Broken ones (best on Ebay)

Item 3: Kitchen Appliances

Item 4: Bags/Accessories

Item 5: Books/DVD’s/Cd’s

Item 6: Kids Toys

Item 7: Kids clothing/shoes

Item 8: General Baby Goods (cot, changer, rocker) (I read somewhere that most babies are born around Sept-Feb so List these items then for best results)

Item 9: Unused Makeup/Toiletries (I actually sold 2 small boxes of toiletries, some of which had been used and got some good money cause this stuff is pricey, I would advise against selling used makeup as this can cause issues)(best on Ebay)

Item 10: Collectable items (Best on Ebay)

Item 11: Unwanted Gifts ( I don’t believe in holding onto things just because it was a gift)

Item 12: Furniture

Item 13: Household Decor (cushions, throws)

Item 14: Kitchen Gadgets

Item 15: Plants/Gardening items (Planters) (List just before Spring)

Item 16: Surplus Building Supplies (Carpet, Paint, Wood, Tiles)

Item 17: Tools/Yard Equipment (Mower, hedger) (List just before summer)

Item 18: Seasonal Decor (Xmas Tree)(List no more than 3 months prior to season or 1 month for smaller occasions, such as Halloween or Easter)

Item 19: Bikes/Outdoor Play equipment (List just before Summer)

Item 20: Fitness items (Treadmill)(List in Winter)

This is just a starter list to help you start making cash in your PJ’s, if you have any other ideas please comment them below, so my other readers can get more ideas.

Seeya GAM

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