How to Save, Save, Save!

Even though we are living quite a basic lifestyle I discovered some more ways we can save/make money to pay off our debts quicker and save for our home, so here goes….

I will put these down as tips, because even though this is our personal situation, I’m sure a lot of these things will help others.

Tip 1: Don’t buy groceries, Live off what you have for a Month, if you are anything like us you have a tonne of food sitting in your pantry, fridge and freezer but yet you keep shopping every week. So apart from Cat Food (can’t let her starve) and maybe Milk and Bread, try to live off what you have, it may not be the most nutritious food but it will keep you alive (and that’s whats important), remember it’s not a long term situation.

Tip 2: Only drive when absolutely necessary, ie: to and from work or medical appointments, anything else can wait. This includes using public transport as this incurs cost as does Petrol.

Tip 3: (For us, and anyone else that has this bad habit), Ideally QUIT smoking, or 2 other alternatives if you can’t do that is to reduce how much you smoke or buy Roll your own tobacco, both of which will save you money and your health.

Tip 4: Reduce personal spending money, YES you could remove it all together, but we have to have something to keep us sane, so reduce it to the bare minimum, even if only for a month. And maybe do that every 2nd month.

Tip 5: DON’T eat out at all, this includes buying drinks out, whether that be alcohol or regular beverages, obviously if you drink alcohol there an be huge savings had there.

Tip 6: NO purchases that are not absolute NEEDS, this includes many things but to name a few…Clothing, Makeup, Entertainment etc

Tip 7: DON’T go on outings, parties, movies etc

Then there are some ways to make extra cash!!!!

Tip 8: Take any and ALL extra hours offered at your current job.

Tip 9: Sell whatever isn’t nailed down, LOL. If you don’t like it, need it or want it then SELL it.

Tip 10: Offer community services via Facebook or Gumtree or even flyers (made on your computer) to do things that you are good at like maybe Gardening, Odd Jobs, Baby Sitting, Pet Sitting/Walking, etc

Tip 11: Get a second Job.

Hope these tips help some of you out there who want to pay off debt or save more money, would love to hear any ideas you may have.

Seeya GAM

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