Fun Things to do when your BROKE!

So we may not be broke as such, but we are trying to pay off debt and save for our house so basically at the end of the week we are technically BROKE, here’s a few ideas of Activities you can do with your family to keep SANE!!

Idea 1: Watch Movies at Home

Idea 2 : Walk to local shopping centre and BROWSE

Idea 3: Do some at home DIY’s (only if you have everything you need at home)

Idea 4: Declutter your home (this will help with finding stuff to sell)

Idea 5: Play Boardgames

Idea 6: Do a home project, similar to Idea 3 but I’m thinking more big projects

Idea 7: Cook a new meal, experiment in the kitchen.

Idea 8: Go through old photos or videos and reminisce

Idea 9: Change your home around, move furniture and decor

Idea 10: Go Fishing

Idea 11: Have a picnic at the local park/beach

Idea 12: Go for a bike ride/Skate

Idea 13: Get together with friends and just chill

Idea 14: Go to a museum or other FREE places

Idea 15: Gardening

Idea 16: Read a book

Idea 17: If all else fails jump on the net and do some surfing/dreaming!!!!

I’m sure there are many more but this is what I came up with on spare of the moment, if you have more ideas please let me know.

Seeya GAM

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