Pre Loved Lifestyle!

As you may have seen in our other posts we are scrimping and saving at the moment, this means not buying anything new, then again we have only ever bought 2 brand new items, our TV and our freezer.

To give you an idea we own the following big items pre loved

Bed, had for 4 years now, cost $40

Mattress, had for 2 years, cost $50

Couch, we had for 4 years, cost $100, sold for $100, I’m quite good with either making money when selling or selling for just under what we paid. We are now borrowing a friends couch.

Fridge, had for 3 years, given as a pre loved gift

Washing machine, we got given one but it broke down, so we have one that we have had for 1 year, cost $110

Desk, had for 3 years, cost $20

Bedsides and tallboy, had for 5 years, cost $80

Hall Table, had for 3 years. cost $3, yes $3 from a garage sale and I love it, I want to DIY it a bit before we take it to the new house.

Another tallboy, had for 4 years, cost $30

TV drawers cabinet, had for 6 months, cost $50

So as you can see we always buy as low as possible and keep our stuff until it eventually dies, LOL.

So with this new house we plan on saving as much as we can so when we move in we can try and furnish it with all new items that are good quality for the most part that we know we can have for the next 10 years or more, this is a really exciting time.

Next post I’ll give you the run down of all the items we are hoping to buy

Seeya GAM

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