Infertility….what’s next?

So after trying whatever we could, we are still not expecting.

KKH - CH-05 - Woman with negative pregnancy test kit result - Can't get pregnant

There is a clinic here in Perth that offers Bulk Billed IVF, however the wait is very long and we are not even eligible for it due to my husband having a voluntary vasectomy, they won’t even look into the fact that it was a lifetime ago and things can change.

So our only option now is reversal surgery, we could also try IVF however its less of a chance. The surgery is going to cost us $11500 total with no rebates and with trying to buy a house and get out of the rent trap it’s pretty much impossible.

Pregnant woman

So we have started a Go Fund Me Page in the hopes that people can find it in their heart to donate whatever they can afford, or Share the page as much as possible. If we can find 6000 people to donate $2 each it could make our dreams come true.

If for any reason the surgery works but does not produce a pregnancy, we are at least then eligible for the bulk billed IVF, which will greater our chances.

Disclaimer: we have looked into Fostering, Foster to adopt and general Adoption, none of which we can do for certain reasons, so this is literally our last resort.

I will add the link below, if you can help in any way we would be forever grateful, but if you can’t please share on all your social medias, so we can get it out there.

Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts

Seeya GAM

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