Dreaming of New Furniture!

So I have been so excited writing lists of all the New items I’d like to buy for our new home and I have even broken it down into Staples (will spend more on) and trendy items, plus into time frames ie: what we need to buy immediately vs what can wait and also what items are NEEDS vs WANTS, so here goes

The items below are hopefully going to be as soon as we move in however we have other costs we need to take care of before some of these, so If that means we have a mattress on the floor for a few months or some deck chairs in the lounge then so be it, but I think if we stay on track with finances we can make most of this a reality when we move In.

1:  King Bed and Mattress (I’d like one of the Mattresses that come rolled in a box like Koala or Ecosa ), for the bed I’d like one with a tufted headboard (not sure what height yet) and wings in a classic shape. (Pictured Below)

2:  New bedside tables I will be selling my current tallboy and bedsides to part pay for these (2 designs pictured below)

3:  An electric theatre recliner suite, 3 seater (similar pictured below)

4:  A formal lounge suite, with nail head design in a classic shape, there is one at ASHLEY Furniture that I’m in love with.

5:  Dining table made from Marri Wood with metal legs, I’ve seen a gorgeous one at West Elm, and it’s not that pricey which is amazing for that place. (pictured below)

6:  Dining chairs, I’m in 2 minds about the style, I like high back with tufted backs but I also like the clean modern look and I think that will not Date as quickly, (pictured below) I’d like to get at least 8 in the hopes we can have Christmas the first year with all our family and also have regular family get togethers.

7:  Bar Stools x 4

8:  A queen size bed for guests

9:  A new TV for Lounge (pictured below)

10:  A console table for entry and a bench seat (I’m thinking maybe a storage seat so we can put shoes away) if not just a nice one on legs (2 designs pictured below)

11:  Then of course decor items, some of which I already have but of course I’d love to get some new ones, these will be mainly cheaper cost as these are things that may go out of style quite quickly.

I will try and share some pics of items similar to what I’m looking at, and I will also put a link to my pinterest which has a tonne of ideas.

Seeya GAM

https://www.pinterest.com.au/glitterandmarble/   This one is a new account

https://www.pinterest.com.au/ajtk83/   This has a tonne of Pins

*Please note: Post contains affiliate links
au-theframe-ls03-ua43ls03nawxxy-frontblack-117833522 Samsung “The Frame” TV 43 inch
Faux linen ottoman Faux Linen Ottoman AMAZON
aurelia-console-01 Aurelia Console Table AMAZON
aurelia-bedside-table-01 (1) Aurelia Bedside Table AMAZON
Balboa chair by THE WAREHOUSE NZ
Empire Table Lamp Empire Table Lamp AMAZON
Glass Coffee Table Gold Glass Coffee Table AMAZON
Mist White Rug Mist White Rug AMAZON
Retro Dining Chair Retro Dining Chair AMAZON
Tufted Dining Chair Artiss Cayes Tufted Dining Chair AMAZON
Marri Dining Table Marri Dining Table WEST ELM
Cressida Electric Theater Suite Cressida Electric Theater Recliner Suite AMART FURNITURE
71BP0jIwmrL._SL1500_.jpg Stella King Bed BROSA on AMAZON

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