Building our First Home!

So its February 25th 2018, we have come to look at a display home, we do this quite often, always dreaming of the possibility of finally owning our own home, however today turns out to be very different. We looked at the home and fell in love, our builder had a special offer (as they do, sales people are cheeky) that was ending in only a few days, so what happened next…..we signed on the dotted line to build a house, arghhhhh. I was so excited but over the next few days I freaked out, are we doing the right thing? Can we afford a house? What happens if something goes wrong? What if we lose our jobs? What if something breaks in our house and we have to fix it? I had so many questions going through my head, in the meantime my husband was as calm as a cucumber, which somewhat infuriated me, anyways a week later i was back to feeling excited and decided that if i never do anything out of my comfort zone or if i’m scared about everything i’ll never get anywhere.

Seeya GAM

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