How we paid off $14,000 debt in just 4 months!

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UPDATE: As of next week (3/12/18) we have paid off over $22,000 in only 7 months as well as saved $1500 on top of that. Woohooo

This Post will be showing you all the ways we managed to save money and make money to be able to pay off $14,000 in debt in just 4 months and save $1550 plus pay $2500 to our House deposit and still live a good life. All figures are honest, why bother giving anything less.

So of course in most situations there are even more ways to save more money and ours is no different, but we are doing our best and if you don’t earn as much or other factors are different to ours, you can still do it.

Our weekly income includes Hubby $810, Me $560, my 2nd job $200 TOTAL $1570 (Please note my 2nd job is not always guaranteed, I have just recently had 6 weeks off as the Lady went on holidays, so I lost $1200 in income)

Our regular weekly expenses TOTAL $1022

(however other expenses that don’t happen on a weekly basis including bills, phone recharge, car rego, events, etc are not included and get paid when they come in, therefore reducing the balance and meaning we cannot always put the same amount to debt every week.)


This leaves us $558 weekly to put towards debt

Tips for Saving/Creating Income that we have personally used in this journey

1: Sell anything and everything not glued down LOL, we sold our second car which made a huge dent and also saved us from ongoing costs. We also had alot of online sales of bits n pieces from our home and put every cent into debt.

2: See if you can (and want to) access your Superannuation (early), we did this to purchase our second car and pay down some debt also.

3: Work as much overtime as possible, it really adds up

4: Try and get more regular hours at work

5: Do other side jobs, I am a carer one day a week, my husband has done gardening and dog training.

6: Reduce living costs, we moved out of our unit and in with a friend and the savings were enormous, it might not be ideal and it will take some getting used to but just keep your eye on the bigger picture. It’s only Temporary.

7: Reduce regular expenses, for us the Internet is what we consider a must, however the Foxtel was not, so we cut it, we reduced our food bill by menu planning more and also made us healthier by not buying many snacks. We cut our phone bills down by looking for a better and cheaper provider, we don’t splurge on things like beauty regimes or fancy new clothes.

8: We have only ever bought 2 new items, that was a deep freeze and a TV, even then we got the cheapest we could find, we always buy pre loved including our mattress (I dream of getting a brand new one when we move into our home), we quite often buy clothes and shoes from op shops, occasionally we buy new but its few and far between and we always buy low priced items.

9: We try not to eat out or drink for that matter, if we want to have an alcoholic drink its usually at home.

10: We don’t go on extravagant holidays, let alone holiday at all really.

I know there is many more ways that we have used but my brain is not giving them to me at the moment and i have to get ready to go to work, so i’m signing off for now

Seeya GAM

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